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Pumps adapted to each of your applications

  • Irradiated / Contaminated Liquids

  • Boric acid

  • Hermetic circuit

Canned Motor Pumps – SMR Range

The Rütschi canned motor pumps ensure an absolute sealing for even greater safety and reliability.
Thanks to a simple and robust design, without dynamic sealing, they have a very long life time with a low maintenance rate. 

Flow rates :    1 to 1 200 m3/h
Heads :    Up to 150m
Temperature :    -80°C to +350°C
Pressure :    Up to 200 Bars
Power :    Up to 250 kW

IEEE-1E and RCC-E Class K1 Qualified Motor

Our canned motor pumps can be coupled with a IEEE-1E, RCC-E Class K1, and IEC qualified motor to ensure optimum reliability and performances. 

Earthquake resistance : 4g
Loss-of-Coolant (LOCA) Test 
Resistance to irradiation :    600 kGy
Ageing :    From 25 to 60 years
  • Cooling circuits

  • Treatment of effluents

  • Non-irradiated borated water

Mechanical Sealed Pumps – CNNR Range

Mechanical seal pumps are ideally suited to a majority of applications in nuclear power plants.
Thanks to a predimensionned range, our CNNR pumps can be easily transposed to your projects with a reduced lead time.

  • Resistance to irradiation : 600 kGy
  • Earthquake resistance : 4g
  • ASME / RCC-M
Pompes GM Nucléaires Rütschi
Flow rates :    Up to 1000 m3/h
Heads :    Up to 140m
Temperature :    -20°C to +160°C
Pressure :    Up to 16 Bars