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Focus : always bringing you more reliability.

Rütschi values its customer feedback daily to ensure their satisfaction and optimal product integration and use at their facilities.

Our Research & Development department has its own last generation calculation tools, a certified quality management system with a graded approach, as well as a network of experts to design solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

This commitment is reflected by numerous certifications and qualifications to international standards and construction codes.

Center of excellence of nuclear engineering

Calculation softwares : 

  • ANSYS ® (finite element, modal analysis)
  • PTC Mathcad ® (analytical calculations)
  • Flux 2D ® (electromagnetic analysis)
  • MDESIGN ® (shaft line analysis)
  • Solidworks ® (3D modeling)
  • CFD (hydraulic design)

Test benches :

  • Water : Flow 8000 m3/h, power up to 650 kW, pressure up to 120 bar
  • Oil : Flow 580 m3/h, Power up to 650 kW, pressure up to 10 bar

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Our certifications